3 matchups we want to see in the new Big Ten

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The Big Ten made a splash move by accepting USC and UCLA into their conference. Here are three gridiron matchups we cannot wait to see.

Life comes at us fast in college football. What a wild day as the rumors started early Thursday the Big Ten, USC and UCLA were in discussions for the two schools to join the conference. By the end of the day Thursday, the two schools had been accepted as the Big Ten’s two newest members.

Obviously, the two schools had been discussing with the Big Ten before Thursday. For the Trojans and Bruins, it will be a financial windfall for them. For the Big Ten, it makes sense as a counter to Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC. Plus now the Big Ten is a coast-to-coast conference with the three biggest media markets in the country residing within their footprint.

Geographically of course this does not make sense. But geography has larger gone out the window as we head into the era of the superconference. USC and UCLA are two of the biggest brands athletically and they fit perfectly with the Big Ten’s high academic standards.

Who knows where conference alignment truly ends. For now, though, USC and UCLA leaving their longtime homes in the Pac-12 is a pretty significant domino to fall.

We have to wait two more seasons for them to join the Big Ten, but we are already thinking of the interesting possibilities for matchups on the football field. Here are the three conference games we are most looking forward to watching in the future.

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