USC Football: 3 reasons Trojans can win Pac-12 title in 2022

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The USC football program has undergone a drastic makeover since the end of last season and here’s why it could pay off immediately for the Trojans. 

Of all the head-coaching hires that took place this offseason, Lincoln Riley going from Oklahoma to USC football was easily one of the biggest.

The only move that rivaled it was Brian Kelly leaving Notre Dame for LSU. It’s just hard to imagine a successful head coach of Notre Dame leaving for another program. But that’s exactly what Kelly did in hopes of finding a more fertile recruiting ground and a better shot at winning the national championship in the SEC.

USC football, which has been up and down since the departure of Pete Carroll, finally got rid of Clay Helton and got serious by seducing Riley away from the Sooners.

The Trojans are now going to be part of the Big Ten, so Riley doesn’t have to worry about joining the SEC or being left without a major conference, although travel could be annoying.

Yet, Riley wasn’t the only major addition from Oklahoma. Former five-star QB Caleb Williams joined Riley in Los Angeles, plus some others such as Mario Williams (OU) and former Pitt star wideout Jordan Addison.

The Trojans are one of the most talented teams in the country and here are three reasons why they can win the Pac1-12 title in 2022.

A proven head coach and elite QB

It’s simple but it’s a hard formula to beat. If you’ve got a really talented quarterback and are lucky enough to call your head coach one of the elite, you have an advantage over 95 percent of the competition, and that is what the Trojans are operating with.

Utah is probably the only team comparable in the Pac-12 and Oregon doesn’t have a bad combination either, while Riley knows how to get to the playoff and win multiple conference championships.

And last season, Williams was just scratching the surface of what he could do.

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