Nebraska Football: What to watch for vs. Rutgers and a prediction

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After a much-needed win against Indiana, Nebraska football travels this week to Piscataway, N.J., to take on Rutgers.

For both programs, this feels like a must-win.

On Nebraska’s end, it would be an astronomical win for the team, and the fanbase alike. On the other side, Rutgers, more specifically Greg Schiano, needs this win to show improvement for their rebuild.

Although the records may not be glossy, there are a lot of implications that come with this game.

1. Mickey Joseph can prove his worth to Nebraska Football

Being put in possibly the hardest position in the country (Interim coach after Scott Frost), Micky Joseph has seemingly changed the perspective in the Nebraska locker room. The biggest problem Nebraska faces in the future are changing its culture. Frost was always blaming others, and that is not helpful when you want to create a winning culture.

As an admitted Hawkeye fan, I looked forward to watching Frost’s interviews after a loss to see what he would blame the loss on. As an outsider looking in, it seemed like a bright red flag when you want to create a winning culture.

After the Oklahoma game, there were not many good outcomes from that game from a Nebraska standpoint, but, if you watch Mickey Joseph’s interview after the game, the first words out of his mouth are “This is on me.” To me, that seems exactly what the Huskers need. Instead of someone making excuses and blaming players, Mickey is letting his team (and fans) know that the wins and losses are on him, and there are no excuses to be made.

If Nebraska football can hold itself more accountable each day, the tides will turn for the Cornhuskers. Take a peek at how much the locker room loves Mickey after the Indiana win.