Red River Rivalry 2022: 3 takeaways from Texas’ blowout over OU

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Oklahoma Sooners
Texas Longhorns

Texas football took down Oklahoma, 49-0, in the Red River Rivalry on Saturday afternoon. Things got ugly for the Crimson and Cream real quick, and Texas never let up. The Longhorns proved that they are, maybe, the best of the middle of the Big 12, as TCU, Oklahoma State, and Kansas are still holding on to that top spot in the conference.

What did we learn about the Longhorns and the Sooners?

Let’s start with the losers.

3. Oklahoma’s offense has bigger issues than the loss of Gabriel

Yes, losing your starting quarterback sucks and the way the Sooners lost Dillion Gabriel last week was even worse. However, this offense has been struggling for the last two weeks and without Gabriel, those issues are just even more glaring.

They couldn’t get much of anything going and as a result, we saw domination from the Longhorns in a game that is normally at least close or, if it is a blowout, it’s on the side of the Sooners.

There was a handful of times that the Sooners would get something going and just as quick it would be snuffed out by the Longhorns.

Overall, Oklahoma couldn’t sustain anything offensively and their defense wasn’t much better. I’m not sure how soon Gabriel will be out of concussion protocol, but he isn’t going to solve every problem this unit has. Maybe, just maybe, hiring the defensive-minded coach wasn’t the best idea, but the jury is still out on that one.

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