What losing Todd Monken could mean for Georgia Football

1. Todd Monken, Georgia offensive coordinator, $2,005,000Syndication Online Athens
1. Todd Monken, Georgia offensive coordinator, $2,005,000Syndication Online Athens /

Georgia football offensive coordinator Todd Monken is talking with the Bucs and Ravens about their OC jobs and we look at what it could mean for the Bulldogs.

It’s not surprising that Georgia football offensive coordinator Todd Monken is garnering NFL interest. In fact, I’m sort of surprised he hasn’t been stolen away from the Bulldogs already.

Monken is the highest-paid coordinator in college football and makes over $2 million per season and over the last two years, he has definitely proven to be worth it.

Georgia has been known for having a great defense but Georgia football has ranked fifth and ninth in the FBS in scoring offense. Stetson Bennett became a star and was a Heisman Trophy finalist under the direction of Monken after the 2022 season.

The Bulldogs have also won two straight national championships. I’ve wondered why Monken hasn’t been talked about more for college football head coaching jobs.

Monken was the head coach at Southern Miss. He was 13-25 overall but finished 9-5 in his third season before leaving for the NFL to be an offensive coordinator with the Bucs.

After a few seasons in the NFL, he went to Georgia in 2020 and has helped the Bulldogs turn into a college football dynasty. Now, NFL teams are interested and it sounds like Monken is also interested in a return to the NFL as the Bucs have reached out and aren’t the only team.

One Georgia insider, Rusty Mansell of 247 sports, said he wasn’t all that concerned about the interview with the Bucs. However, it has also been reported that Georgia football’s OC has interviewed with the Ravens for their offensive coordinator job.

Obviously, Georgia football doesn’t want Monken to leave. I’m sure Kirby Smart is going to do what he can to keep his offensive coordinator in place.

But sometimes, guys have different motivations. It’s possible that Monken’s long-term goal is to be an NFL head coach and if that’s the case, going back to the NFL makes sense.

I don’t see this move being about money. Monken is already the highest-paid coordinator in college football. Yet, that doesn’t mean he has other things in mind, and interviewing with two teams raises the level of concern for UGA.

What the loss of Todd Monken would mean for Georgia

Bryan McClendon, who was hired as passing-game coordinator, has been an offensive coordinator at South Carolina in the past and could be a candidate. But with all the talent coming back for Georgia, even with a new quarterback, the Bulldogs shouldn’t have a hard time attracting a big-time offensive coordinator.

It could potentially hurt on the recruiting trail. The Bulldogs are in the mix with five-star QB Dylan Raiola in the 2024 class and there is talk of a decision in March. Kirby Smart has played a key role here but Georgia doesn’t want to be without a QB coach/OC for long.

Nebraska is a team to watch and so is USC, which is where Raiola will visit this weekend. Smart recently made a trip but as the OC Monken is going to be a key player in the recruitment.

At any rate, even if Monken leaves, I’m sure Smart has a plan and I don’t see the departure hurting the Bulldogs much if it does happen.

When you have success, coaches are going to leave. Smart knows that as well as anyone, so you can bet, he’ll have a good plan in place to keep the UGA offense playing at a high level in 2023.

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And with all the talent on the roster, coaches are going to be lining up for the opportunity.