3 most overrated SEC football coaches ahead of 2023 season

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Alabama
NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Alabama /
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Now that college basketball is pretty much over (for most major programs), it’s time to put all of our focus on college football. For SEC football fans, it’s time to start thinking about which team(s) is going to represent the conference in the playoff.

If you’re a fan of Alabama or Georgia, the first thought is, “It’s going to be us.”

If you’re a fan of programs like Tennessee, LSU, or even Texas A&M, you have some confidence (maybe less if you’re an Aggie fan) that this will be your year. Every single team listed above has a fighter’s chance, but you also can’t sleep on Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, or Ole Miss.

There’s going to be an absolute dogfight for the SEC East as well as the SEC West title.

Usually the team that wins each division is led by the best head coach — usually. There are always exceptions, but the conference has several really good coaches. Heck, you could even argue that every single team has a good coach.

But some of these good coaches are far too overrated by the national media and even their own fanbase.

Which three SEC head coaches are the most overrated heading into the 2023 season?