Two programs ACC football should waste no time inviting

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ACC football sits as the only Power Five league untouched by this current wave of conference realignment, and it should be looking to change that for the better.

The concept of conference realignment is never an easy one to adjust to, as the sudden news of athletic programs uprooting from leagues they’ve built their names in hardly results in a soft change of pace.

That fact alone can make many upset whenever they see a realignment wave crashing in, going as far as to leave them hoping that their neck of the woods survives it unscathed. However, there can be a rather hefty downside to that outcome as well.

If a conference fails to grow while others around it do so, it could risk being “left behind” in a competitive sense. There are a couple of big-name leagues that currently sit in that boat: the Pac-12 and the ACC.

Anyone who knows what’s going on with the Pac-12 knows that it’s in absolute shambles, and it feels like a coin flip as to whether the conference will live to 2030 as we know it today. While the ACC has not gotten anywhere near that point, the idea of it being left behind has been growing quite strong lately — and for good reason.

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