Malik Nabers, Harold Perkins single-handedly dominating Mississippi State

Going on the road in the SEC is never an easy task, but LSU is making it look like a breeze on Saturday afternoon, taking a 24-7 lead into halftime over Mississippi State.

Why is the score already so lopsided? Well, Jayden Daniels had just one incompletion and over 250 yards in the first half, but Malik Nabers has looked like a superstar at receiver, and on the defensive side of the ball, Harold Perkins is putting on a show.

Nabers and Perkins are single-handedly dominating Mississippi State.

Through the first 30 minutes, Perkins has been wreaking havoc on the defensive side of the ball which shouldn’t be all that surprising seeing as he’s an All-American linebacker. He’s been everywhere and just a flat-out nightmare for Will Rogers.

Nabers has caught just about everything thrown his way, accounting for 188 yards and two touchdowns on 10 first-half receptions. He’s been incredible.

No answer for Malik Nabers, Harold Perkins

You know a game is going to get out of hand when a team’s receiver has more than double the total yards of the opponent through 30 minutes. Nabers has 188 receiving yards in a half and Mississippi State has just 79 total.

To be fair, the Mississippi State secondary just can’t stay in front of him. He’s blowing right by these guys and has a good 5-10-yard cushion every time he’s running a route.

He’s been unbelievable.

As for Perkins, he has a sack and has been just about everywhere on the defensive side of the ball. The Bulldogs are going to have nightmares about him tonight.

A pass breakup to prevent a touchdown catch deep in coverage and then a sack in back-to-back plays is unheard of, but that’s why everyone is so high on Perkins. He’s a freak.

LSU is going to continue to dominate as long as these guys are playing at an elite level.

Despite an early loss to Florida State, it looks like Brian Kelly’s Tigers are still in that national title race.