Syracuse can no longer deny it—Dino Babers must go

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Syracuse has now lost five games in a row and are in no position to promise a bowl berth. That’s enough for me to start singing Dino Babers’ swan song.

During the 2023 college football offseason, I aroused a discussion topic that Syracuse University clearly hasn’t been eager to touch: What should the Orange do with head coach Dino Babers, and when? Since opening that can of worms, my views on him and the parameters encapsulating his scalding-hot seat have changed—and not for the better.

For those who do not remember, the Orange finished their 2022 campaign 7-6 after losing their bowl game. What made the mediocre conclusion so controversial was the fact that it came from a 6-0 start. While they were nonetheless a bowl team and had clinched a winning record for the year, it was inexcusably disappointing when pondering what could’ve been, and that’s precisely what put Babers in my sights.

To summarize my stance on the colossal choke-job, I felt that if he failed to get Syracuse to a bowl in 2023, he should be fired. If he got them to one and lost, he should perhaps be given another year and see how things play out from there. Lastly, if he got them to one and won, he likely wouldn’t have to worry about his job security too much in the immediate future. It’s there where my tune has since changed.