Has Wisconsin football become the worst team in the Big Ten?

Wisconsin football has been an interesting football team, to say the least, this season. They started 4-1 but since have lost three of their last four, and their best win this season so far has been against Rutgers.

The worst part of it all? They are down 24-3 to Northwestern at home. Yikes.

In the last 4 weeks, Wisconsin has lost to Ohio State, Iowa, and Indiana, while their only win is against a bad Illinois team. Luke Fickell left Cincinnati to coach for the Badgers, and while he is a great coach he has not been the turnaround guy that everyone was expecting him to be.

Is Wisconsin the worst team in the BIG Ten? Statically and record-wise they aren’t the worst team in the BIG Ten, but they have been playing some pretty bad football in recent weeks. They lost by seven to a 3-7 Indiana team, got brutalized by Ohio State, scored six points against Iowa, and had a comeback win against a now 5-5 Illinois team. Wisconsin had to score 18 unanswered in the fourth quarter to beat Illinois, that is something that should never be uttered in the 2023 college football season if you’re a good team.

Wisconsin is currently down by 21 points to Northwestern at halftime in their own house. Northwestern is not a great team either, with their best win being against Maryland. This is a Maryland team that just broke a four-game losing streak today with a 13-10 win over Nebraska (which is a big feat either).

Badger football has clearly fallen off since the start of the year, and while they will likely make a bowl game at 5-4, they will need to play some more inspired football. Being down by 21 points at home for any team is a terrible thing, but when that team is the Northwestern Wildcats, you definitely have some reevaluating to do.