Updated College football bowl projections heading into Week 12 after CFP rankings release

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Following the updated College Football Playoff Rankings, we update our bowl projections, New Year’s Six Bowl projections, and projected top four. 

As we move toward Week 12 of the college football season, we have the updated College Football Playoff rankings which didn’t bring much change.

Yes, the Georgia Bulldogs took over the No. 1 spot following their win over Ole Miss. However, it doesn’t really matter. Every team in the top four controls its own destiny.

As it stands right now, no conference looks like it will get two teams. And a one-loss Power-5 conference champion could be left out.

If Oregon can beat Washington, and Texas can win out, there could be a fascinating debate. Oregon would have beaten Washington, as well as some other Pac-12 foes, while Texas would have a win over Alabama, plus a Big 12 championship.

We’ll see how it plays out in the next few weeks in terms of the College Football Playoff. In terms of bowl projections, we also have you covered. We offer up bowl projections for the New Year’s Six, as well as the playoff and every other postseason game in the FBS.

Bowl Projections: College Football Playoff

National title game: Michigan vs. Georgia

Rose Bowl: Michigan vs. Oregon

Sugar Bowl: Georgia vs. Florida State

Thoughts on College Football Playoff projections

There are essentially nine teams still alive for the College Football Playoff: Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, Florida State, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Alabama, and Louisville.

The national champion this season will be one of those nine teams. Louisville would need to win out and would probably need Texas to lose in order to reach the playoff, but it’s possible.

Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, Washington, and Florida State, as the undefeated teams all control their destiny. I think Oregon is in if it wins out, but Texas could have something to say as could Louisville if it pulls an upset.

What’s really going to be interesting is if Alabama beats Georgia, Texas wins out, and Oregon wins out. Then you could have Florida State undefeated, along with Michigan or Ohio State undefeated.

Then, the choice would be among two among Alabama (SEC champ), Texas (Big 12 champ), Oregon (Pac-12 champ), Georgia (one loss) Michigan or Ohio State (one loss), and Washington (one loss).

In that scenario, I think it’s the Michigan-Ohio State winner, Texas, Alabama, and Oregon. In fact, I don’t see any conference getting two teams in.

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