17-time Grammy Award-winning artist Snoop Dogg will sponsor a bowl game

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Rapper and pop culture icon Snoop Dogg has officially dabbled into the college football universe by sponsoring a bowl game titled "The Snoop Dogg Arizona Bowl" presented by Gin & Juice.

"Gin and Juice" is a song from the 52-year old's debut album "DoggyStyle" that released in 1993. The song was a commercial success as it was nominated for the best rap solo performance at the 37th annual Grammy Awards. The WWE Hall of Famer partnered with rapper and producer Dr. Dre to produce "Gin & Juice", an alcoholic cocktail line that consists of four flavors (apricot, citrus, melon, and passion fruit.

Snoog Dogg's new bowl game is interesting to say the least. The college football bowl season is a chance for fans to see rare matchups between programs who don't normally meet and for sponsors to do "over-the-top" antics during its event.

In 2023, the Pop Tarts bowl went above and beyond to entertain the college football community. Kansas State football defeated the NC State Wolfpack 28-19 in the inaugural pop tarts bowl and as the victors, they had the opportunity to "eat" the Pop tarts mascot.

The fashion in which the pop tarts mascot was "toasted" and then devoured by the Wildcats made for some amusing theatrics. There's no telling what kind of melodramatic activities we might see from one of hip hop's most famous artists in history.

Due to Snoop Dogg sponsoring a bowl game, this may very well open the door for other celebrities to do the same going forward.

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