3 biggest concerns for 2024 Michigan football in following spring ball

Michigan head coach Sherrone Moore watches a play during the second half of the spring game at
Michigan head coach Sherrone Moore watches a play during the second half of the spring game at / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

Michigan football just wrapped up its first spring with Sherrone Moore as head coach following a 15-0 national championship season in 2023.

Obviously the expectations for the Wolverines are sky-high heading into 2024, but there are also some major question marks after losing Jim Harbaugh to the NFL and stars like JJ McCarthy, Mike Sainristil, Kris Jenkins, and Blake Corum. The roster will look a lot different heading into the 2024 season, especially at some key positions.

And now that we got to see what Michigan looked like this spring, there are some valid concerns heading into the summer.

Here are my three biggest post-spring concerns for the Wolverines.

1. The quarterback position

I think this goes without saying, but the quarterback position was not a positive this spring. Everyone was hoping that Alex Orji would ease their minds during the spring game but he didn't exactly shine and neither did Jayden Denegal, Jack Tuttle, nor Davis Warren. There's still hope that Jadyn Davis is the answer, but starting a slightly-undersized true freshman in the Big Ten is a scary thought.

The position is such a concern that some fans were clamoring for the staff to use the portal to find a quarterback with some experience to help lead the room.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen and Michigan moves forward with Orji as the likely starter.

2. A go-to receiver?

Michigan lost its top two receivers this offseason as Cornelius Johnson and Roman Wilson were both drafted a couple of weeks ago. That means someone needs to step up as the No. 1 target.

Obviously Colston Loveland is going to be a go-to target for whoever starts at quarterback, but you can't put all the receiving duties on the tight end. Defenses will eventually figure that out and start focusing all their attention on Loveland, leaving the quarterback to struggle. That's why I think there needs to be a true No. 1 target instead of just a few decent guys.

Will it be Semaj Morgan who is the lead returning receiver who had 204 yards and two touchdowns on 22 catches last year or will it be one of the transfers?

It's concerning that no one truly stepped up and looked like that No. 1 target.

3. The coaching staff

Don't get me wrong, I think Sherrone Moore is a heck of a coach and he showed that last season when he led the Wolverines to wins at Penn State, over Ohio State, and was a major reason why they were able to finish the regular season undefeated and make the Big Ten title game.

But he is also inexperienced. He may have started a few games, but he had plenty of help from Harbaugh throughout the weeks leading up to games. Can he run the team on his own and rely on his mostly-new staff? A lot of his fellow assistants from last season moved to Los Angeles with Harbaugh to coach the Chargers this offseason and two more have had rough offseasons.

In fact, defensive line coach Greg Scruggs resigned following an OWI and the same can be said for Denard Robinson. It's been a rough offseason for the staff.

We'll see if Moore can get his staff ready for the season and figure things out so the 2024 campaign isn't a disappointment.

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