3 Bold Predictions for the Hawaii Bowl

Looking ahead to the 2023 Hawaii Bowl, here are three bold predictions.
SoFi Hawai'i Bowl - Hawaii v BYU
SoFi Hawai'i Bowl - Hawaii v BYU / Darryl Oumi/GettyImages
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1. Ethan Vasko will be the Starting QB

When you hear that a team has gone through three quarterbacks this year and the team has a winning record, would you be surprised? The Chanticleers have gone through three quarterbacks with Grayson McCall, being injured throughout the year, Jarrett Guest has been injured for important games this year, and Ethan Vasko, who played in all of the games. McCall and Guest have both announced going into the Transfer Portal and McCall already announced where he is going next year, NC State. Coach Tim Beck will have a huge decision to make for who is going to start this game. McCall is a three-time Sun Belt Conference player and has been the heart and soul of the Chanticleers in his time in Coastal, Guest has been the backup to McCall throughout their time at Coastal and has the same playing style as McCall, or relies on the redshirt freshman transfer from Kansas that has given the team a reason to see promise in the future in Vasko. 

In my opinion, Vasko should be the starter in this game to show that the program is in good hands after McCall. Fans should be ready to see how successful Vasko is going to be with being a dual-threat quarterback throwing for almost 150 yards and rushing for almost 80 against the Spartans. The future of Chanticleer football will happen in this game and fans will always remember McCall and Guest, but looking for the future is something that all fans can be happy to see. 

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December is the happiest month of the year with being able to spend time with family, fall in love with the weather, and see college football teams lay everything on the line to have their program bring home a bowl win. These two programs have been very successful over the years and am honored to play in the Hawaii Bowl after knowing the devastation that happened there. College football fans should relax and drink some hot chocolate when watching two great programs duel it out on the beautiful island of Hawaii.