3 most underrated college football rivalries to watch in 2024

Washington State v Washington
Washington State v Washington / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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It’s a simple chain to comprehend: College athletics are fueled by un-replicated passion, and that is fueled by an un-replicated connection.

Or, in other words: College athletics get so much love due to the love for them being crafted out of an attachment that professional athletics are incapable of establishing, mainly due to schools having superior numbers/coverage throughout a more-diverse landscape and, of course, their alumni.

Many would argue that such advantages make things like rivalry games, which are great regardless of the sport and level, even better, as there’s all the more investment in their emotional tie-ins. With that said, rivalry games embody the passion of college sports to its fullest extent, and being the college football diehard that I am, I wanted to give a few of them some love as we inch closer to the season—but perhaps not ones you’d expect.

All day, everyday, we hear about iconic rivalries like Army-Navy, the Iron Bowl, “The Game”, the Red River Showdown, etc. So, me joining the club by covering them today would be more of the same, and who wants that?

Therefore, I found some that, while notable, aren’t heard about nearly as often, which is especially criminal when considering what’s riding on them this year in particular.

But enough with the suspense, let’s dig in.