3 most underrated college football rivalries to watch in 2024

Washington State v Washington
Washington State v Washington / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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1. Washington vs. Washington State (Sep. 14)

Though I appreciate both Oregon and Washington for the efforts made to keep their in-state rivalries alive, we’re just highlighting the latter’s today, as despite them sharing the heightened bitterness from conference realignment, the Apple Cup has a convincing edge in current competitiveness.

Said competitiveness is not only evident in the narrow margin the Huskies escaped Wazzu by last season, but also in how many names have left them since that nail-biter.

Simply put, the Cougs were already capable of giving Washington a scare when it was a title contender. With them now scorned and the playing field being all the more level on paper, imagine how much heat the Huskies will feel this time around.

Personally? I believe it could be just enough to send the Apple Cup back to Pullman in thrilling fashion, and that should have even the most casual of fans putting this one on their calendars.