3 most underrated college football rivalries to watch in 2024

Washington State v Washington
Washington State v Washington / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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2. Oklahoma at Missouri (Nov. 9)

Of course, one of the fall’s biggest storylines is going to be Oklahoma and Texas joining the SEC, and hardly any of the matchups provided by the move have received as much hype as Texas vs. Texas A&M. Now since no one else will say it, I will: That is nothing short of ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong, I hold that storied rivalry in just as high of regard as everyone else, but it is objectively not the best-looking of the ones being revived in the SEC this year. Instead, that title goes to Oklahoma-Missouri.

This series also has a deep history, with OU and Mizzou going all the way back to 1902, and having played almost every season from 1910 to 2011. But, unlike the hero-vs-zero pairing today’s versions of the Texas teams give us, the Sooners and Tigers appear competitively perfect for one another.

Both powers are coming off of seasons that saw them reach 10 wins or more, and even with their rosters suffering severe losses, I have good reason to believe they’ll remain strong (articles on that can be found here).

There’s obviously no way to guarantee that their game will be great, but the combination of their extensive beef and formidable equality nonetheless leaves it deserving of praise that I haven’t seen it get anywhere else…so here it is.