3 reasons Alabama will beat Michigan in the Rose Bowl

Alabama looks to show the college football world that they belong in the four-team CFP as they take on #1 Michigan in the Rose Bowl. Will they rise to the occasion, or will the noise around the controversial selection get even louder?
Alabama v Auburn
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Michigan and Alabama will square off in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day, nearly a month removed from the CFP selection show where the selection of the Alabama Crimson Tide over the Florida State Seminoles set the world on fire. There is no doubt that this team has something to prove here in this matchup, that they belong.

Nick Saban is no stranger to the CFP, and you can bet that he will have his team ready to go for this one. Surely he believes whole heartedly that the Crimson Tide belong in this playoff and come game time he will have this group ready to go. Let's look at a few reasons in particular that I see the Tide coming out on top in this matchup.

1. Alabama has gotten better as the season has gone on

Alabama suffered a loss to the Texas Longhorns early in the season. At that point there were many who thought this may be a down year for the Crimson Tide due to the nature of the game and the major question mark that existed at QB at the time. Since then, they have really found their footing and their identity, and did not lose a game the rest of the way.

This Alabama team has truly been an example of a team that gets better as the season goes on, and peaks at the right time. Luckily they had some matchups following the Texas game that allowed them to play around with some roster decisions and really establish who they are. They showed the ability to come up big in close games, experience that will serve them well in this playoff. They also showed that they are a force on both sides of the ball.

Jalen Milroe has become a major problem for defenses. His confidence is sky high right now, and he is at the point where he can beat you on the ground or through the air. Michigan has a solid defense, but they have not seen a quarterback anything like this guy all year long. He will keep the Wolverines on their toes all game long.