3 reasons Alabama will beat Michigan in the Rose Bowl

Alabama looks to show the college football world that they belong in the four-team CFP as they take on #1 Michigan in the Rose Bowl. Will they rise to the occasion, or will the noise around the controversial selection get even louder?

Alabama v Auburn
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2. Michigan does not have enough offense

The Michigan offense is the x-factor here. I don't see Alabama scoring an insane amount of points here, but as mentioned above, Milroe presents challenges that Michigan has not had to deal with up to this point. I see Alabama putting up around 28 points. If that is the case, Michigan fans ought to be concerned. I don't see them scoring with the Crimson Tide, mainly due to the lack of playmakers on the outside.

JJ McCarthy has been solid in big games, doing just enough through the air to keep the defense honest. This Alabama secondary might be the best they've seen outside of the Penn State matchup where they ended up running the ball over 30 times consecutively because they couldn't get anything going through the air. The problem with this matchup is that Alabama has the offense to make them pay if it turns out Michigan can't beat them through the air. I do see this being an issue.