3 Reasons that Fans Should Watch the Hawaii Bowl

EasyPost Hawai'i Bowl - Middle Tennessee v San Diego State
EasyPost Hawai'i Bowl - Middle Tennessee v San Diego State / Darryl Oumi/GettyImages
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2. Battle of Two Similar Teams on Offense

When you think about a successful football team, what comes to mind? The very creative mind of a head coach? A stifling defense? A powerful run and passing game? What if in this game, two teams are evenly matched in offensive and defensive stats? The Chanticleers are 37th in passing yards and 71st in rushing yards. The Spartans are 37th in rushing and 79th in passing yards. Who wouldn’t like to see two teams that have different schemes but so similar in their calls as well? 

Due to being so similar on offense, are they going to be alike on defense? What if I tell you that they are opposites? On the defensive end, the Spartans have one of the best defenses against the passing game—the Spartans rank 11th in all FBS with passing yards given up. With having so much success with stopping the pass game, the Spartans are below the Chanticleers in rushing yards given up. The Chanticleers are middle of the pack on passing yards given up and rushing. In this game, will the Chanticleers rely on the rushing attack knowing how successful the Spartans are with limiting the passing game for teams? Are the Spartans going to rely on one of the best running backs this year, Kariee Robinson, to surpass the Chanticleers?