3 Reasons to watch the Peach Bowl

An exciting Peach Bowl matchup features two teams who fell just short of what their ultimate goals. However, this matchup is exciting as both teams have bright futures.
Penn State v Michigan State
Penn State v Michigan State / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages
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The Penn State Nittany Lions take on the Ole Miss Rebels in the Peach Bowl on Saturday, December 30th, 2023. This is a bit unlike some of the other NY6 bowl games due to the fact that these teams did not have a huge let down the final week of the season as teams like Georgia or Ohio State had. They have known for a while that they were playing their last few games to try and score a nice bowl game such as this one. Here are a few reasons I will be watching.

1. These teams are looking forward to the Peach Bowl

Both Penn State and Ole Miss should get up for this one. I don't see a reason why not. These are talented squads that no doubt had conference and national championship aspirations at the beginning of the season, but ultimately fell short. The difference here is it became clear about two thirds of the way through the season that they were just not quite good enough. This is true for both teams.

This is also an opportunity for both teams to build some momentum going into next season, and cap this one off with a nice W against a quality opponent. Also, both James Franklin and Lane Kiffin have historically been targets for criticism when it comes to winning big games. This will factor into some of the emotions in this matchup.