3 Reasons to watch the Peach Bowl

An exciting Peach Bowl matchup features two teams who fell just short of what their ultimate goals. However, this matchup is exciting as both teams have bright futures.
Penn State v Michigan State
Penn State v Michigan State / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages
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2. Ole Miss offense vs. Penn State defense in the Peach Bowl

Ole Miss had a few tough outings on the offensive side of the ball this year, but for the most part were pretty impressive. Quarterback Jaxon Dart is an impressive player and it will be interesting to see what challenges he can present to one of the best defenses in America. Penn State has wreaked havoc all year on the defensive side. The defense is largely responsible for their 10-2 record. One thing they did not see a lot of in 2023 was impressive quarterback play in the Big Ten.

It will be interesting to see how a quarterback like Dart will fair against this defense. It very well may be that he is under fire all game long and struggles mightily, or maybe he finds a weak spot in this defense or catches them off guard. This will likely be a fairly low scoring game and points will not be easy to come by.