3 Reasons Why to Watch the Rose Bowl

Pasadena Prepares For The Rose Bowl
Pasadena Prepares For The Rose Bowl / David McNew/GettyImages

The Rose Bowl is a prestigious event in College Football. It’s the oldest bowl event in American sports history.

There’s so much excitement that runs through the mind and body of any sports fan and athletes who get to experience and participate in the Rose Bowl. It’s without a doubt on my bucket list to attend the Rose Bowl in California. Here are three reasons why you should tune in to the Rose Bowl.

Michigan is looking to Have the Last Laugh

We all know the stories that have surrounded the Michigan Wolverines. We know that people want to see them fail. They have not been everyone’s favorite cup of tea this season. This is why the game between Michigan and Alabama is important because the Wolverines want to prove the haters and naysayers wrong. And what a way to win the Rose Bowl against a team that has been so great for years like the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Wolverines are capable of beating Alabama if they don’t make mistakes 5and no one gets injured. To beat a team like Alabama, you can’t make mistakes. Coach Nick Saban smells blood when teams don’t execute well against his team. 

The History and Tradition is Magical

The Rose Bowl is special. It is arguably the greatest bowl game of the year. For these athletes, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As Keith Jackson once said, “The Granddaddy of Them All.” Rest In Peace, Keith. You ain’t lying. Football, Parade, Flowers, Family, and Friends coming all together for this prestigious event is truly magical. There’s nothing like the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Eve and/or New Year’s Day. 

Experience vs. Getting Over the Hump

You thought it would be Experience vs Youth, but we have to change things up and switch “youth” with “getting over the hump.” We’re talking about Michigan in this situation. This is Michigan’s moment to get over the hump. They’ve been one of the most dominant teams in the country. Wolverines are starving for their first national championship since 1997. Alabama is not your typical team. They have been here before so many times. The Crimson Tide has the heart of a champion. They will be ready to go. Will Michigan answer the bell? We shall see on Monday.