3 takeaways as Michigan football breaks Alabama's heart in the Rose Bowl

Michigan football and Alabama played a classic in the Rose Bowl. Here are three takeaways.
Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan
Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan / Harry How/GettyImages
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The committee got it right

It's hard not to look at that game and think those were the two best teams in college football. Every matchup is different though, but at least we can say confidently that the committee got it right.

Michigan would have annihilated Florida State. Maybe it wouldn't have been as lopsided as Georgia, since the Noles wouldn't have about 20 dudes in the transfer portal or having declared for the draft, but the committee did pick the best four teams.

Alabama was a play away from playing for another national title. If the Wolverines fail on the fourth-and-two or if Roman Wilson doesn't make an incredible catch on a ball that's tipped, we would be talking once again about Nick Saban's greatness.

It should be noted that many said Alabama was finished earlier this season. That didn't prove to be true and winning an SEC title still makes this season a success. It will be hard for Alabama fans to think about what could have been, but regardless of the outcome -- one team was always going to feel that way.


Both teams made mistakes and missed opportunities. Michigan just made a few more plays at the end, but for the first time in a long time, we got a College Football Playoff semifinal that really felt like a heavyweight fight.