5 coaches that could be next up in the CFB coaching carousel

Taking a look at five college football head coach who could be up next in the coaching carousel.
Wake Forest v Syracuse
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#2: Jedd Fisch, Arizona

Arizona’s Jedd Fisch has checked all the boxes for making the perfect leap as a rising head coach: Going to an overlookable CFB program in the Power 4 (Arizona is typically viewed as a “basketball school”), turning it around in three seasons with visible progress each time (one win in 2021, five in 2022, 10 in 2023), and experiencing his biggest breakthrough in the deepest version of the Pac-12 seen in years.

That is the happy medium between fast turnaround and consistent growth, and it being done at what many already view as a “stepping stone” job will certainly work out beautifully for Fisch if he plans on going anywhere bigger anytime soon.

As I type this very sentence, his name is making the rounds on social media as a candidate to replace DeBoer at Washington. If he does head to Seattle, the Huskies shouldn’t have to worry too long about adequately following up their past couple of seasons.