5 features we hope are included in the new EA Sports College Football game

Ever since EA Sports announced the long-awaited return of its college football game series, fans have wondered what features might be included in the new title. Here are five that we hope make the cut for the July 2024 release.
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1. Total control over the recruiting cycle

Details emerging about the newest EA Sports college football game have teased a more extensive system for recruiting in Dynasty Mode.

Players taking over a school will have to account for both high school recruiting and the transfer portal (unless they're playing as Dabo Swinney at Clemson, of course).

One feature that would take this aspect of the game even further is to include NIL collectives and the ability to entice recruits to your university with monthly stipends. Given the significance of name, image, and likeness rights to the mere existence of this new era for the EA Sports college football series, it would add that next level of realism to the experience.

We also hope that players managing football programs through Dynasty Mode will have to grapple with the fluctuating state of emotions for a roster of dozens of players and work to either retain disenchanted athletes or give them the Deion Sanders treatment. For college football fans excited to get a new game back after playing the same dusty titles for over a decade, packing in as much of the dynamics of the brave new world that exists on the gridiron will only make the release that much stronger.