5 features we hope are included in the new EA Sports College Football game

Ever since EA Sports announced the long-awaited return of its college football game series, fans have wondered what features might be included in the new title. Here are five that we hope make the cut for the July 2024 release.
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2. More than just the full slate of FBS teams

One of the most memorable moments in college football history was Appalachian State's Cinderella takedown of Michigan at the Big House back in 2007. Along with the Mountaineers, other lower-division powerhouses like Marshall have used their dominance in the FCS playoffs and their upsets of FBS opponents to springboard their path into the top level of the sport.

EA Sports has already assured fans that all 134 FBS teams will feature in College Football 25. When the studio first started releasing college football titles with Bill Walsh College Football back in 1993, the processing power of that generation of gaming systems meant only the top 24 teams from the 1992 season made the cut into the game. Since 1996, though, every FBS (or I-A at the time) team has been included in the annual release, so this announcement is hardly shocking from EA Sports.

What would be shocking is if the studio turned around and told fans that they planned to include all 128 FCS teams in the game—right down to the uniforms, fight songs, and home stadiums. While the game will inevitably feature the expanded 12-team College Football Playoff, imagine if you could also play the full 24-team NCAA Division I playoff.

To take this feature all the way, EA Sports could even allow for FCS dynasties to negotiate with FBS conferences to transition up to the top division—which brings us to the third feature we'd love to see...