5 features we hope are included in the new EA Sports College Football game

Ever since EA Sports announced the long-awaited return of its college football game series, fans have wondered what features might be included in the new title. Here are five that we hope make the cut for the July 2024 release.
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3. Allow players to tinker with conference realignments

Since the last release of the EA Sports franchise, a lot has changed in the college football world. The Bowl Championship Series has given way to the College Football Playoff. The aforementioned advent of NIL rights and the transfer portal changed the dynamic in favor of greater player agency.

But college football has always been about the name on the front of the jersey as much as it is about the names on the back of the jerseys. A game built on the premise of fighting first for local supremacy, then regional supremacy, and finally national supremacy has flipped on its head. Where the BCS crawled, the College Football Playoff has run with the script of deemphasizing regional connections in favor of filling up athletic departments' coffers.

Imagine if you could revive the Pac-12—or even go back to the days when it was just a Pac-10. What if you could reanimate the WAC from the dead and revive it in its mid-1990s glory? If EA Sports really wants to up the realism, it should consider allowing players of the game to manipulate conference compositions and create new conferences. If it is going to happen in the real world, after all, why shouldn't it be included in the new release?