Alabama's biggest move was keeping QB Jalen Milroe

Alabama fooball had some transfer portal departures but also kept one of its most important players for next season: Jalen Milroe.
Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan
Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

There's no question that Alabama football has suffered quite a few departures via the transfer portal following the retirement of Nick Saban.

Former five-star defensive back Caleb Downs talked about it on Tuesday with 247 Sports, calling the decision of Saban to retire a "gut punch."

There's no doubt that Kalen DeBoer has his work cut out for him, but one of the most underrated moves of the college football offseason is the fact that the Alabama football head coach was able to keep the quarterback expected to be a Heisman contender in 2024.

At first glance, Jalen Milroe doesn't seem like the perfect fit for what DeBoer wants to do. It also doesn't help that Alabama football lost its No. 1 wideout, Isaiah Bond to Texas as quickly as Downs went to Ohio State or Kadyn Proctor went to Iowa.

But Milroe showed last season he can produce. He threw for over 2,800 yards and was 13th in college football in terms of QBR. Milroe explained his decision to stay over the weekend according to what he told a local TV station.

"What’s for you is for you and for me, it's to stay at Alabama,” Milroe said via ABC33/40 News. “I’ve got a lot of stuff at Alabama I still want to achieve. I signed my letter of intent to come to the University of Alabama. It’s all about staying here and building. The guys we have in locker room is a really good group. Super excited for what’s ahead for our football team. We’re excited to have Coach DeBoer in and the coaching staff that’s here.”

Milroe had 23 touchdown passes compared to just six interceptions. That was in addition to 531 rushing yards and 12 scores. Yes, he's not Michael Penix Jr. But who is? Milroe is a dominant dual-threat quarterback and the biggest reason to have optimism this season as an Alabama football fan.


The fit with DeBoer might not be perfect. But good coaches know how to use good players and I have zero concern about that. So why the sky might feel like its falling for Alabama football this offseason, Milroe's return will prevent a big drop off.