Jim Harbaugh endorses Sherrone Moore as Michigan football head coach

Former Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh made it clear that he thinks Sherrone Moore should be his successor.
Ohio State v Michigan
Ohio State v Michigan / Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages

It wasn't a huge surprise when Jim Harbaugh finally decided to leave Michigan football for the NFL, after years of flirtations.

The next head Michigan football head coach shouldn't come as a surprise either. And it won't if Jim Harbaugh has his way. The Detroit News caught up with the head coach after he flew back to Michigan following his agreement to a five-year deal to coach the Chargers.

He told Angelique Chengelis that this isn't "goodbye." He also endorsed Sherrone Moore to be his replacement.

“I’ll always be a loyal Wolverine,” Harbaugh said “But not a better man to coach the team than Sherrone Moore. He has my vote, my support wholeheartedly. I feel like it’s in great hands.”

Harbaugh also called Moore a "brother" which is something that he has said before. When both men were suspended for the first Michigan football game of the season due to recruiting violations, Harbaugh watched the game with Moore and ate sandwiches at his house.

Moore isn't just close to Jim Harbaugh. He's proven to be one hell of a coach. Moore led Michigan football to wins over Ohio State and Penn State while he was acting head coach. He actually went 4-0 this past season in that role and led the offensive line to a pair of Joe Moore Awards in 2021 and 2022.


There is never certainty when you're talking about replacing someone like Jim Harbaugh. But if Moore is retained and strength coach Ben Herbert stays, plus if the Wolverines can get another defensive assistant from the Ravens, the infrastructure to keep winning will all be in place.