Jim Harbaugh on Michigan football departure: 'No Lombardi Trophy in college football'

Former Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh was blunt about why he left college football head of the AFC title game on Sunday.
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens / Kirby Lee/GettyImages

Former Michigan football head coach and current head coach of the LA Chargers, Jim Harbaugh, is in Baltimore on Sunday to support his brother, John Harbaugh, who is aiming to get to another Super Bowl.

Ahead of the AFC title game between the Chiefs and Ravens, Jim Harbaugh sat down for an interview with CBS Sports. Harbaugh was asked about why he left Michigan football for the NFL and the answer was pretty simple. "I love Michigan, but I love the NFL too. There's no Lombardi Trophy in college football."

Some Michigan football fans have tried to blame Warde Manuel and the school for not doing enough to retain Harbaugh, despite offering to make him the highest-paid coach in college football. Maybe, Harbaugh thought Michigan could have done more to defend him against the NCAA.

But I just don't believe that anything would have kept Harbaugh from chasing his final goal: winning a Super Bowl championship.

During his four-year run with the 49ers, Jim Harbaugh coached his team to the Final Four three different times and the Super Bowl once. His brother's team got the best of him, but Harbaugh was five yards from winning the Lombardi Trophy.

No one expected Michigan football to win a national championship, especially in the playoff era, but Harbaugh did the unthinkable. It also meant that he achieved everything he possibly could have at Michigan. There's one goal left and as Harbaugh indicated, it can't be achieved in Ann Arbor.


And the Lombardi Trophy -- that's the true reason why Harbaugh isn't Michigan football head coach anymore.