Jordan Morgan: Grading the Green Bay Packers 25th overall pick

Jordan Morgan ended up being the selection for the Green Bay Packers and it's never a bad idea to add an offensive tackle when you have an elite young quarterback.
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Last season, the Green Bay Packers found another franchise quarterback. Now, they are hoping that they found another left tackle of the future in the 2024 NFL draft.

This offseason, the Packers released David Bahktiari and moved on. But that meant that the former All-Pro wasn't coming back. Green Bay had some solid options develop last season such as former undrafted free agent Rasheed Walker.

The guy has early-round talent and by the end of the season, he looked like he had a shot to be a fixture at left tackle. But you can't just give that guy the job to protect Jordan Love. So the Packers made an investment in the offensive line, which was really smart.

Yes, Jordan Morgan was rated lower on some boards. But the Packers don't draft these mammoth offensive tackles. They just don't. Morgan is a guy who could play tackle or guard and he's a mauler. Pass protection needs some work, but he's a phyiscal presence for a team that wants to run the ball.

What makes him perfect for Green Bay is their draft philosophy. They want to play their five best offensive linemen, which is hard to do if you draft a guy who can only play one position. Morgan (6-5, 311) could play either tackle spot. He could also play guard this season and if Walker proves capable of being the starter at left tackle, it opens up some enticing options.

Either way, when you have a franchise quarterback, the best thing you can do is get him weapons and surround him with an good offensive line. The Packers don't need the skill guys but they needed O-line and when you help your franchise QB you get an A, especially with two second-round picks and lots of good defenders on the board.