Lee Corso and College Gameday crew pick Michigan to win, except Pat McAfee

Everyone is picking Michigan to win tonight's game, except for Pat McAfee.
SEC Championship - Georgia v LSU
SEC Championship - Georgia v LSU / Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Tonight is the College Football Playoff national title game and the ESPN Gameday panel have made its picks. Specifically, legendary coach and college football personality Lee Corso has made his. The former Indiana University head coach donned the famed Michigan University helmet.

The Wolverines are a 5.5-point favorite in this game, with many feeling that Michigan is going to shorten the game with a punishing running game, leaving Michael Penix and the Huskies' dangerous passing game on the bench to watch instead of on the field to make plays.

The panel was in agreement with Corso. Desmond Howard, Joey Galloway, and Rese Davis all picked Michigan. The only contrarian of the group was Pat McAfee. Unsurprisingly, the man who wrestles in the WWE part-time and wears sleeveless t-shirts during his show would be the only one to pick the Huskies.

"Michigan fans told me I've picked against them all year, so don't start picking them now," McAfee obliged Wolverine Nation and picked Penix and the Huskies to win the national championship.

Lee Corso's headgear is a college football tradition

There have been questions about how long Lee Corso will continue on College Gameday. He has been an institution on the show. Corso is known for tapping his trademark pen on the desk, using phrases like "sneaking around the chicken coop, closer than the experts think, and (most famously) not so fast, my friend."

The most famous thing Corso does is donning the helmet or mascot headgear of the team he thinks will win.

In 1996, Lee Corso picked the Ohio State Buckeyes to win the game and put on the Buckeye head for the first time. September marked the 400th time he donned headgear to pick a game winner.