Pac-12 media days looked dismal and underwhelming, Beavers and Cougars standing alone

Washington State v Oregon State
Washington State v Oregon State / Ali Gradischer/GettyImages

For the first time since the conference realignment, the Pac-12 (or Pac-2, depending on how you look at it) hosted its conference media days.

Pac-12 media days are usually filled with buzz and excitement around programs vying for a top spot in the national rankings.

Now, with just the Oregon State Beavers and Washington State Cougars in the conference, the media days looked a little more like a business convention.

Lesser known players and an unknown Oregon State head coach filed onto the stage to talk about their programs and the future of the conference.

As the Pac-12 shared pictures from the first day, fans quickly responded to how different the media day looks compared to the past, and how depressing it looked.

The conference's new commissioner Teresa Gould even acknowledged how different the Pac-12 was and how it measured up to other conferences in the country.

In fact, the official name of the event wasn't actually the "Pac-12 media days." It was instead referred to as "After Hours with the Beavs & Cougs."

The college football landscape is very different than it has been over the past few decades and a major part of that was the dissolving of the Pac-12.

Powerhouses Oregon, Washington, USC, and UCLA took their talents to the Big Ten. Stanford and Cal fled to the ACC. Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, and Colorado headed to the Big 12.

Now, with just Oregon State and Washington State remaining, the Pac-12 is clinging on to anything they can in hopes of staying afloat.

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