Predicting who will win the new Big 12 Conference in 2024

Kansas State v Kansas
Kansas State v Kansas / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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The exclusion of both KSU and OKST seems criminal to say the least

This is surely a controversial reveal, as if you were to take a poll on squads that were most likely to compete at the top of the league, the Wildcats and Cowboys would at least make up two of the three most-submitted, and unsurprisingly so.

K-State has been a consistent contender in the Big 12 under Chris Klieman, and while OK State’s Mike Gundy has seen dips in his standard at times, the Cowboys have made multiple pushes for the conference crown throughout his extensive tenure, with the most recent being last year when they lost to a playoff-caliber Texas that, as previously established, will not be returning to the league. If they aren’t considered for having the best odds, then who are?

To those asking aggressively, don’t worry, the answers aren’t some irrelevant cellar-dwellers. They, like the Cats and Boys, are set to enter their 2024 slates on the right foot; what sets them apart is just how much more manageable said slates are. Their names? Kansas and Utah.