Ten basketball players who would have dominated if they had played college football

Anthony Edwards, guard, Georgia
Anthony Edwards, guard, Georgia / Joe Rondone via Imagn Content Services,

Tight ends could make for great power forwards, linemen could make for incredible centers, and (sometimes) safeties could make for stellar guards.

There’s frequently a debate about whether or not NFL players could make it in the NBA and vice versa.

However, dual-sport athletes are somewhat common at the collegiate level yet the conversation never seems to carry over to NCAA football and basketball.

So, which collegiate basketball stars would have made for stellar football players at their alma maters?

. DL. . Zion Williamson. player. Zion Williamson. . Zion Williamson. 434. Defensive lineman

At 6-foot-6 and nearly 300 pounds, Zion Williams would be a beast of a burden for offensive lines to try to slow down.

As a basketball player, Williamson also has relatively good footwork to slice and dice his way to quarterbacks and running backs.

player. DJ Burns. . . . DJ Burns. OL. Offensive lineman. DJ Burns. 2272

DJ Burns just wrapped up his final season of collegiate basketball and clocked out weighing 275 pounds.

His agility and sure-footedness make him an easy selection as an elite offensive lineman.

ant. player. WR. Wide receiver. . Anthony Edwards. . . Anthony Edwards. 527

The former Georgia Bulldog was an elite football player in high school and has even expressed an interest in becoming the first-ever athlete to play in the NBA and the NFL.

At 6-foot-4 and 225 pounds, Edwards would be the perfect fit for a wideout on an NFL roster, not to mention he's as fast as can be.

player. Julius. . Edge. E. Julius Randle. 528. . . Julius Randle

The Knicks beloved forward Julius Randle is built like a brick wall.

Because of his build and ability to change direction quickly, Randle would make a perfect edge rusher for the Kentucy Wildcats.

Fortunately for him, basketball turned out alright.

Cornerback. De’Aaron Fox. 528. De’Aaron Fox. . De’Aaron Fox. CB. player. .

De'Aaron Fox's long and lanky build combined with his lightning-quick speed make him the perfect candidate to become an elite cornerback for the Kentucky Wildcats.

At 6-foot-3 and just 185 pounds, Fox is slightly undersized for college football but he could always hit the weight room a few extra times.

Draymond Green. Draymond Green. Draymond Green. 486. . . Defensive tackle. DL. player.

Draymond Green treats the basketball court like a football field at times but his aggressive nature would have paid off for the Michigan State Spartans.

In fact, Green even suited up for one of Michigan State's spring games but decided to stick with basketball after trying the cleats on for size.

His size and strength would matchup perfectly with the defensive tackle position.

Steven Adams. . . Tight end. player. . Steven Adams. Steven Adams. TE. 444

At 6-foot-11 and 265 pounds, Steven Adams can move shockingly quickly and has the agility of a much smaller player.

Not a single defensive back in the world could get in Adams' way as he barreled down the field with the ball.

. player. James Harden. . James Harden. 511. . Quarterback. James Harden. QB

James Harden has one of the greatest court visions of all time while not lacking the size necessary to play football.

His ability to see openings and create possibilities on the basketball court would translate perfectly into his role as a quarterback for the Arizona Wildcats.

Kawhi Leonard. NB. Kawhi Leonard. . . Kawhi Leonard. . 508. Nickleback. player

Kawhi Leonard's height doesn't always align with his weight. At 6-foot-7, Leonard only weighs 225 pounds but his speed and agility greatly make up for his slender build.

Leonard would be a quality addition to any team's secondary but especially at his alma mater San Diego State.

Wide receiver. . Josh Hart. 479. . . Josh Hart. WR. player. josh hart

The current New York Knicks shooting guard and former Villanova National Champion would have made a terrific wideout for the Wildcats.

While Hart may not have made his way to the NFL by playing for 'Nova, he could have entered the now (in)famous transfer portal to move his career forward.

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