The five worst choices Michigan could make replacing Jim Harbaugh

FanSided college football writer Josh Yourish has identified the five pitfalls that Michigan needs to avoid while searching for Jim Harbaugh's replacement.
Michigan v Penn State
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3. Urban Meyer

How incredible would it be if Michigan brought Urban Meyer out of retirement to keep beating Ryan Day and Ohio State? I couldn’t think of a funnier possible outcome than Michigan hiring Urban, but it would be a terrible idea. 

Meyer clearly isn’t interested in coaching anymore, the amount of stories that came out of Jacksonville after his brief tenure was borderline unbelievable, and I’m not so sure that Meyer’s demanding coaching style would fly in a transfer portal world. 

One of Harbaugh’s greatest strengths was that he created an insulated program and protected his players from the noise (that he created), but it kept the Wolverines together. Meyer would tear the program down to the studs, and maybe even get into more trouble with the NCAA than Harbaugh did.