The five worst choices Michigan could make replacing Jim Harbaugh

FanSided college football writer Josh Yourish has identified the five pitfalls that Michigan needs to avoid while searching for Jim Harbaugh's replacement.
Michigan v Penn State
Michigan v Penn State / Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages
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1. Not hiring Sherrone Moore

I mean come on, the guy beat Penn State, the No. 1 defense and No. 1 run defense in the country, without throwing the ball once in the entire second half of the game, and then cried to Jenny Taft like Harbaugh was his father who passed away hours before the game. 

Moore is a Michigan man through and through. He’ll keep the toughness of the program, hold together most of the roster, and has the best chance of keeping Jesse Minter on the staff. Minter was incredible orchestrating the Michigan defense this season, running the Mike MacDonald system to perfection with so much simulated pressure that Jalen Milroe is still seeing free rushers in his nightmares. 

There’s never been a clearer succession plan in place before a coach left than Moore at Michigan, and I’m not sure the Wolverines will waste much time before naming him the head coach.