SaturdayBlitz Podcast Network: Twining’s Take Episode 2 – UNO and Spring Games


It’s Saturday and what a better way to kick off the weekend then listening to episode 2 of Twining’s Take. The Twining’s Take podcast is the perfect soundtrack for all those mundane tasks you always put off until the weekend. Tune in while you do your laundry; while you clean up the apartment; introduce Twining’s Take to your neighbors while you do all that Saturday afternoon yard work you’ve been putting off for so long.

This week, I tackle college football on each of the first three downs. First up is a discussion of the lawsuit filed against Nebraska-Omaha by members of the football team’s 2011 recruiting class. The football program was cut one month after signing day in March 2011 and one year later they are still looking for answers. Following the UNO discussion, I take a look at last weekend’s college football spring games and a this weekend’s as well. If you listen closely you’ll get a little snippet of what spring ball meant for this former Western Viking. On fourth down, I wrap it all up with my guest Rick’s thoughts on the situation in Sacramento surrounding the Kings’ future home town.

As we move forward with this podcast series I vow to improve the product and continue to bring in thought-provoking guests and, yes, eventually I will unveil a Twining’s Take theme song. Until that time, fill your Episode 2 Twining’s Take craving by listening below.