SaturdayBlitz Podcast Network: Twining’s Take Episode 4 – Ban CFB, Top Coaches, Bachelorette preview and more!


If you’re following along at home, this week marks my one-month anniversary of the Twining’s Take podcast joining the Podcast Network. Now, I’m only basing this off the fact that traditionally months have four weeks, I’ve done a podcast about every week and this is now episode number 4.

To celebrate my first month of podcasts, I’ve brought in an extra special guest this week. Somehow, for whatever reason, my lovely fiance was willing to lend her voice and opinions to offset the extreme masculinity I bring on a weekly basis. It must have been my willingness to discuss tonight’s premiere of the Bachelorette featuring Emily Maynard, or perhaps it was her frustration with a Grantland article about the loathed Zombie Sonics.

Now, of course before we could get into the non-college football topics, questions three and four if you are familiar with the Twining’s Take format, my fiance had to first sit through my thoughts on the hotly-debated topic of banning college football as well as my opinions on The Sporting News’ list of top 124 college football coaches.

Without further adieu, I present to you Twining’s Take Episode 4. The Intermediate Thoughts of the Day are on hiatus this week, but don’t worry, since I’m posting this on a Monday, that means Episode number 5 is just around the corner. Enjoy and, as always, thanks for listening.