Stanford-Notre Dame, USC-ASU, and Oregon Arizona Highlight Week 6 Vegas Pac 12 Predictions

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Vegas Pac 12 Predictions Week 6

Utah Utes at No. 8 UCLA Bruins

Line: UCLA by 13

During last week’s Pac 12 games we found out a lot about both of these teams, one in a positive fashion and the other in a negative fashion. Utah looked like a fraud, especially on offense, for its inability to continue scoring against a Mike Leach-led Washington State defense. The Utes have used great balance all year, and it did not work on Saturday. Now, with a trip to UCLA, this team is going to have to get back in a rhythm on offense and not fold so easily once things get tough. The Utes can catch the Bruins napping, but they need to force a few mistakes and score lots more points than they did last week.

UCLA, meanwhile, appears to have finally put everything together and impressed the college football world last week by blowing out Arizona State after looking awful in their first three wins. Now, with so many big plays in that game, the Bruins need to keep that up. A tough defense and big plays are the ways to keep this from turning into a potential upset, but Brett Hundley has got to look consistent. UCLA also needs to keep Utah’s offense looking like it did late in the fourth quarter last week, and it will be fine. But if the defense struggles, and the offense starts making mistakes, this game could be trouble.


UCLA will have no trouble putting this one away early. It won’t look like the hideous blowout they put on last week, but the big play Bruins offense will overpower the pretty good Utah defense, and Utah’s offense won’t be able to keep up. This will be a comfortable, regular win for UCLA.

UCLA: 31 Utah: 14

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