Ranking the College Football Upsets Over the Weekend by Shock Value

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Ranking Week 6 College Football Upsets

6. Arizona State Sun Devils Beat No. 16 USC Trojans 38-34

It’s hard to figure out which part of this is more shocking, the upset itself or how the upset happened: with a Hail Mary. It’s the third Pac 12 Hail Mary in three straight weeks, solidifying that this conference truly doesn’t play defense.

And honestly, the way the upset happened is more shocking than the upset. USC has already proven it is vulnerable, and nobody thought Arizona State was as bad as that 62-27 loss to UCLA last week indicated. But with a back-up quarterback on the road and down 34-25 with less than 3 minutes to go, there was no way the Sun Devils could come back right? Wrong.

Maybe Saturday there was just some divine intervention that mandated certain upsets happen, and if that’s the case, this was certainly one of them. In that situation that was just described, Mike Bercovici tossed a quick 73-yard touchdown pass, and after the Sun Devils got the ball back with 23 seconds, Bercovici had two more completions that went for 72 yards, obviously highlighted by the 46-yard Hail Mary. On a late Saturday night, that play taught us two things about the weekend: the City of Los Angeles was under a curse the entire weekend, and every upset possible was going to happen Saturday no matter what.

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