TCU, Baylor Atop Week 6 Big 12 Power Rankings. Who’s No. 1?

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Saturday Blitz Week 6 Big 12 Power Rankings

Iowa State could very easily be the worst team in the Big 12 and at the bottom of our power rankings right now. We are only putting them above the No. 12 spot because of their decent win against Iowa, which is better than anything Kansas has shown so far. But it’s still a bad team.

The Cyclones have no offense to speak of. Sam Richardson at quarterback has been decent, but he has unfortunately been asked to put the team on his shoulders and carry them to victory, which he’s incapable of doing. No help from the running game and a defense that give up nearly 34 points per game is what makes it nearly impossible for this team to win anything. Honestly, to this point, how they ever beat Iowa is a mystery.

The schedule gives the Cyclones a possible break with Toledo on the slate this weekend, but with Oklahoma, TCU, and West Virginia still on the slate, making a bowl game this year looks impossible. They’ll have to get very lucky to upset one of those three teams, and they’ll have to beat Texas, Texas Tech, and Kansas.

Doing all of that seems incredibly unlikely, so we are keeping them at No. 11 on our list.

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