Louisville-Clemson Highlights Vegas ACC Predictions Week 7

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Louisville Cardinals at Clemson Tigers

Line: Clemson by 9.5

Here’s the battle for No. 3 in the ACC and to get a spot in the Top 25. The Louisville Cardinals have to be sick to their stomachs that they are not undefeated right now after straight up blowing a game to Virginia. Clemson, meanwhile, has found its rhythm after two key losses early in the season. Both teams are now playing pretty good football and should make for an exciting match-up down in South Carolina this weekend.

The Cardinals and Bobby Petrino have been continually impressive this year, with Reggie Bonnafon stepping in for Will Gardner at quarterback and keeping the offense moving. But the big story for the Cardinals has been the defense, which ranks No. 6 in the country right now, only allowing 12.7 points per game. That’s going to be the key for this team if it’s to pull off the victory this weekend. The Tigers are playing great on offense, and it’s obvious what Petrino’s coaching can do for any offense, but the defense has got to step up the way it has been doing. This is its biggest test yet, and if they come through, the Cards could be thinking a lot bigger than simply No. 3 in ACC play. Unlike Clemson, they actually still have a lot to play for, technically.

For Clemson, Deshaun Watson is put to the test. Since he became the main guy at quarterback, the offense has found a rhythm, playing Florida State into overtime and then hanging 50 and 41 points in back to back games respectively. The Tigers once again have the No. 10 pass offense in the country, and that’s going to have to show up against Louisville. Defending the passing game is the best strength for the Cards, so Dabo Swinney might want to mix in a few more running plays, but this for the most part will simply be a battle to determine who’s better: the Clemson pass offense or the Louisville pass defense. Clemson’s defense is pretty good, only allowing 22 points per game, and that’s even skewed given the fact that it surrendered 45 points to Georgia. It needs to show up in a very real test Saturday along with Watson for the Tigers to win.


This is a battle between two great offensive coaches in Dabo Swinney and Bobby Petrino. Both guys are breaking in new talent all over the field this year, and they are both looking good doing it. A win for either team would make a major statement Saturday, but that win is going to Clemson. The Tigers have missed out on two signature wins this year already, but the third time’s a charm. You can’t bet against this team right now with the way it is playing on offense, and it’s worth it to bet on those guys right now than the Louisville defense. It will be the difference, along with the crowd, in a very close home win.

Clemson: 31 Louisville: 27

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