Clemson, Duke, Miami Rise in Week 7 ACC Power Rankings

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Now we’re getting an idea of the ACC elite. You might have had a bit of excitement early in the year, but it’s become clear now that the best teams in the conference are turning into who we expected them to be. That’s not to say that there aren’t surprises, though.

A preseason ranked team in the conference has turned out to be an absolute joke, two teams with moderate expectations have now fallen toward the bottom of the conference, and one team appears to have teased us early in the year that it might be improving this year. There are a couple of others, meanwhile, that have definitely exceeded expectations, and two teams that had hold-your-nose expectations have at least lived up to those expectations so far.

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So taking all of that into account, it’s fair to say that the conference has somewhat met the expectations we had for it at the beginning of the season. What started out as a cluster of decent teams has finally started to separate itself from the bad to the mediocre to the decent to the above average to the good and very good to the incredibly great. We obviously know who that great team is.

But the very good teams are becoming more clear as well.

So here are our ACC Power Rankings following Week 7 of the college football season.

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