Clemson, Duke, Miami Rise in Week 7 ACC Power Rankings

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Saturday Blitz ACC Power Rankings Week 7

Scott Shafer’s second team is turning into a huge disappointment. Okay, so all four teams they’ve lost to are pretty good, and it was completely unreasonable to begin with to expect them to beat Florida State. But could they at least be in games? All four of their opponents have blown them out, and they simply don’t look like they belong on the same field as the teams they’ve played.

Like Wake Forest, the offense is pathetic, and it doesn’t matter if Terrel Hunt or Austin Davis is manning the position at quarterback. This unit has looked awful all year, starting with the first game when it had to ask for a lot of luck to beat Villanova. Things have not improved at all since then, and we’re not going to count the 40-point game against Central Michigan. Who cares? To be fair, the defense and running game are actually pretty good on this team. They should simply run it the whole time. The passing game has kept them from having a winning record.

And going forward, it could hurt them further. Wake Forest this weekend is a chance to get back on track, but Clemson, N.C. State, and Duke are all next before closing out the season against Pitt and Boston College. Pitt and Wake are must-wins for a bowl, and Boston College and N.C. State likely are as well. If any of them is a loss, then they have to upset N.C. State or Duke.

Simply put, this team could be in trouble going forward.

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