Clemson, Duke, Miami Rise in Week 7 ACC Power Rankings

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Saturday Blitz ACC Power Rankings Week 7

We’ll throw a bone to North Carolina and move them up a spot after playing Notre Dame to a 1-touchdown loss. But don’t get your hopes up about this team. It still, once again, managed to play no defense, and a 2-4 record is a 2-4 record. The reason they get to be above other 2-4 teams is they have better losses, but there are still no quality wins to speak of for this team.

Let’s call it what it is. The defense is absolutely pathetic. For four straight games it’s given up more than 30 points. In three of those games it gave up more than 50 points. On the year, Larry Fedora’s team has given up an average of 43.3 points per game, good for next to last in all of FBS. That’s a joke, and it didn’t just start with the good teams. Don’t forget these guys gave up 29 points to Liberty. Marquise Williams is doing what he can at quarterback along with the rest of the offense to keep UNC in games and give them chances to win. But even as they average 37 points a game, it’s not enough.

And things aren’t going to get easier. Georgie Tech, Virginia, and Miami are all tough teams to beat, and so is Duke. Pitt and N.C. State have to be home wins for this team to have a chance at a bowl game, and they have to steal two games among those original three named and a road game with Duke later in the year.

Essentially, it appears only one team will be able to make a bowl between UNC, Pitt, and Syracuse. And UNC could be one of the odd men out easily.

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