Georgia Rises, Mississippi Schools top Week 7 SEC Power Rankings

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Saturday Blitz SEC Power Rankings Week 7

It’s a little unfair to have the Kentucky Wildcats at No. 10 on any power rankings. But this is where the SEC gets loaded, so we don’t have a choice. The Wildcats only have one decent win in South Carolina, but they still haven’t beaten anybody significant. Although they should be undefeated, that’s a point against them, and we have to keep them below other 2-loss teams that have played much harder schedules, one of whom just happens to be the Wildcats’ only loss (although they should’ve won that one).

Kentucky has been playing defense on the level of Ole Miss for the SEC East recently, which is a lot to say. But you have to give credit where credit is due, and this team deserves a ton of credit. It’s really hard to say we expected this from these Wildcats, but Mark Stoops has done a tremendous job, and the offense isn’t half bad either, averaging 36.5 points per game. Perhaps this is a much more legitimate team than we thought.

We find out for sure over the next few weeks. LSU, Mississippi State, Missouri, and Georgia are all still on the schedule, and they close out the season against in-state rival Louisvlle. Tennessee is on the road game that could be trouble. So don’t crown this a bowl team yet.

Just simply give it credit as a much better SEC team than we thought it would be.

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