Michigan St., Ohio St., Nebraska Still Top Big Ten Power Rankings Week 7

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Spoiler Alert: There’s not much change in this week’s Big Ten Power Rankings. To be fair, four teams had byes, and two of them are among the top teams in the conference. There was a bit of a shake-up, but it mostly happened among the bottom teams in the conference.

The Big Ten had its first weekend of games last Saturday without any undefeated teams, and we certainly learned that there is a good bit of parity in the conference. It’s unfortunate, really, that the conference had such a bad start to the season because many of these teams are clearly getting better by the week.

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A few others, on the other hand, are being made to look like frauds. We’ll get to that in our rankings, but if you saw the games last week, odds are you have a pretty good idea of whom we are going to name. But hey, let’s give credit to those teams that may finally be finding a rhythm too.

While the top teams didn’t change much, we do at least have a new worst team in the conference for the third straight week. Find out who that is and where other teams fell to, as we bring you our Week 7 Big Ten Power Rankings here.

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