A Shake-Up at the Top of Week 7 Big 12 Power Rankings

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Saturday Blitz Big 12 Power Rankings Week 7

Poor Texas Tech. Poor Kliff Kingsbury. The sad thing is that this is a good team. But it’s likely not going to do anything this year, and at 2-4, a winning season is getting very hard. But we’re still going to have this 2-4 team above the other 2-4 teams because Arkansas, Oklahoma State, and Kansas State have all been played, and you can’t sleep on West Virginia either.

The Red Raiders, though, need more from Davis Webb. Yes, he’s averaging 337.5 yards per game, but this is an air raid offense! If you’re not going to have any rushing attack or defense, which the Red Raiders certainly don’t have, you should at least be having about 450 yards a game. But so far Texas Tech has had the terrible defense and rushing that comes with an air raid but not an amazingly dominant passing attakc that also comes with it. This team only had 28 points against Arkansas and only had 13 points against Kansas State. That can’t happen for this team if it’s going to make any sort of postseason play this year.

And speaking of postseason play, the Red Raiders need a break to get there. They still haven’t played Iowa State or Kansas yet, and both of those games should be wins. Texas at home is a chance for another win, but that only gets them to 5. In order to get to 6, they are going to have to win all three of those games and upset TCU, Oklahoma, or Baylor.

That’s going to be hard to do, and it will also be incredibly hard for this team to move up this list.

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